Fuel Management Systems

20,000 L Containerized Fuel Tank

  • 110% bunded fuel tank built inside ISO container complying with British Standards
  • Manufactured to BS 799 Part 5 Construction of above ground tanks for flammable and inflammable liquids
  • CSC plated as a standard 20' feet container c
  • Corner twist locks top & bottom for easy handling
  • Robust steel in steel construction
  • Can connect up to 6 gensets (supply and return)
  • Can be installed End to End or Side to Side to form tank farms
  • Can be stacked 6 high full of fuel, reducing storage space requirements and when on location
  • Graduated level sight gauge
  • Fast fuel fill connections with Camlock adapter
  • Valves, Outlets and fittings are housed in a lockable compartment
  • Overfill protection with mechanical shutoff valve
  • A built in permanent ladder for ease of access to container roof
  • Air breather vent and fittings with dust filter fitting
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